(City) Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements | New or Missed Driver Bonus Up to $1,250

Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements
Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements


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City Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements-2018

If you are a new or current driver looking for an Uber Car Inspection location in City you’ve definitely come to the right place. RideshareDriver.com will help you find the closest FREE or affordable Uber Vehicle Inspection Location nearest you. We will also provide you with in-depth knowledge of the overall Uber Car inspection process, Uber vehicle inspection requirements, where to download your Uber vehicle inspection form, how to get a new Uber driver signup bonus up to $1,250, and even help you get a Missed Uber Driver Signup Bonus if did not apply a promo invite code or use a promo link when you first signed up to drive with Uber.

Before you can start earning cash with Uber, all new drivers must first pass an Uber vehicle inspection in City, prior to taking their first trip on the Uber platform.The Uber vehicle inspection requirement process is the final phase of being approved on the Uber platform and must be completed before having your Uber account activated to drive. Uber vehicle inspections are performed mostly for FREE, or at a discounted cost at either an Official Uber Greenlight Hub Location or from a partner approved Uber vehicle inspection auto vendor.

Uber car inspections are required and mandated by most city, state, and/or regulatory entities to ensure the safety of riders, drivers, and the general public. Be sure to follow our step by step guide to find the nearest Uber vehicle inspection locations and requirements for your city.

City Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements Guide and Information

Our exclusive Uber Car Inspection Requirements Guide will help you get the following valuable information:

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City Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements

Uber Vehicle Inspection Locations consist of a combination of Uber Greenlight Hub driver support locations, and Uber approved BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) certified auto shop, partner/vendors. All driver vehicles that require an Uber car inspection will go through a multi-point vehicle inspection process performed by a certified auto mechanic. The mechanics will follow a guideline or checklist to ensure your vehicle meets city, state, and/or regulatory requirements. Most U.S. cities only require a 19 point Uber vehicle inspection but some cities may have inspection requirements that go beyond the standard 19 point requirement. Additionally, there are several cities in the U. S. that don’t require new or current Uber drivers to have their car inspected. However, be sure to read all the requirements information, and follow the instructions below when locating your cities Uber car inspection station.

Additional Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements:

In order for you to properly locate an authorized Uber vehicle inspection station in your city please review all additional requirements and guidelines:

  • Depending on your city, your vehicle may need to undergo a 19-point or extended multi-point inspection
  • Most cities require a vehicle inspection, but several U.S. cities do not
  • First check here to see if vehicle inspections are required in your city. If inspections are required then find you city inspection location here
  • Meet your State and/or Cities Uber Vehicle Requirements (check here) before having your vehicle inspected (vehicle age requirements are 15 model years old or newer in most cities, and 10 years old or newer in several select cities)
  • Find out what the Uber driver document requirements in your city.
  • Meet the minimum Uber Driver Requirements:
    • Be at least 21 years of age
    • Have at least one year of driving experience in the U.S. (3 years if you are under 23 years old)
    • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license
    • Use an eligible 4-door vehicle
    • Consent and pass a criminal and DMV background check
    • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license
    • Proof of vehicle registration (can be in another person’s name if on the same insurance)
    • Proof of vehicle insurance
    • Check here for updated Uber Driver Requirements (linked site will Geo-Locate to your specific city
  • Inspections are required annually
  • You must have your vehicle inspected at least once every 12 months
  • Brand new vehicles or vehicles that recently had “original manufacturer or 3rd party auto mechanic service maintenance and/or multi-point vehicle inspection, are still required to have an official “Uber Vehicle Inspection” if applicable in your city
  • Be sure to check that your vehicle meets your city’s Uber vehicle requirements before having your vehicle inspected
  • It is your responsibility to make any repairs needed to pass the vehicle inspection
  • Please note that passing the vehicle inspection does not guarantee access to the Uber platform
  • Signup to become a new Uber driver (with a bonus)
  • Access your new Uber dashboard, and sign in
  • Follow instructions below for nearest Uber car inspection location

UberEATS Vehicle Inspection Requirements

New or current UberEATS drivers who have signed up to drive on the standalone UberEATS platform only, are NOT required to have a vehicle inspection in any city in the U.S. However, if you signed up to drive on the Uber platform (for people), and have opted into the UberEATS in-app option hybrid feature which allows you to switch or choose between either platform, you will still need to have the standard Uber vehicle inspection performed if required in your city or state. If you’re interested in driving for UberEATS only, signup here for a new UberEATS driver signup bonus valued up to $1,100.

Free City Uber Car Inspection Locations-Find Your Cities Inspection Center

Below you will find the “DIRECT LINKS” to Uber’s website page specific to the Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements in your city. Keep in mind Uber vehicle inspections are not required in every city in the U.S., and if you do not see an Uber “vehicle inspection'” tab/section on your cites resource page, then vehicle inspection is NOT currently required.

Uber vehicle inspection requirements
Ex. Uber Vehicle Inspection Official Website/Page

City Uber Vehicle Inspection Locations (Click Link for Your City):

Below you will find Uber’s official website and vehicle inspection requirement page for your city. Just click on the first link to get started!

City Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements & Location (Click the link for your city now!)

  • Under “Select a Topic” Click on “Vehicle Inspections” (scroll down page if needed)
  • If you DO NOT see a “Vehicle Inspection” Tab/Section under “Select a Topic”, then Vehicle Inspection is NOT required in your city
  • Find your FREE or Low-Cost Vehicle Inspection Greenlight Hub or 3rd Party Approved Uber Vehicle Inspection Station
  • “Activate” your vehicle (new drivers), and get your car inspected
  • Download/Upload the required Uber Vehicle Inspection Form
  • Contact Uber for additional vehicle inspection requirement questions
  • Find Uber driver related resources, contact information, links, and more for your city:
    • Vehicle requirements
    • Hotspots, and best places to drive in your city
    • Local Perks
    • Local Resources
    • How to contact Uber
    • And much more!
  • IMPORTANT: Brand new vehicles, or vehicles that have already had “original manufacturer or 3rd party auto service” maintenance and/or multi-point vehicle inspection, are still required to go through Uber’s Vehicle Inspection process, procedures, and requirements.

Not Your City? Search Uber Vehicle Inspection Near Me:

Enter City+Inspection

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Additional Uber Driver Support & Resources

The following will help you expand your search for information on vehicle inspections, Uber Greenlight Hub driver support locations, vehicle and driver requirements, in-person support, contacting Uber, account activation, and other Uber driver related resources:

Uber Driver Support, Resources, Account Activation & Contact Info

Greenlight Hub Uber Vehicle Inspection Information

  • Most Uber Greenlight Hubs can perform a FREE Uber vehicle inspection for new and current drivers
  • Click here for direct link or visit https://help.uber.com/partners (no need to sign in)
  • Be sure your city is indicated in the upper right corner (you should automatically be GEO located and directed to your city)
  • In the search bar type “Greenlight Hub.”
  • Choose “Getting in-person activation and support help” or “Greenlight Hub Locations” drop-down list
  • Then choose the tab that says “Greenlight Hub Hours” or “Greenlight Hub Information” if applicable
  • NOTE: Its best to search for both keyword terms “Greenlight Hubs” and “Inspection” to expand your Uber vehicle inspection options and locations

Uber Vehicle Inspection Information

  • Uber drivers may receive a FREE Uber vehicle inspection with Uber affiliated partners/vendors and auto shops
  • Click here for direct link or visit https://help.uber.com/partners (no need to sign in)
  • Be sure your city is indicated in the upper right corner (you should automatically be GEO located and directed to your city)
  • In the search bar type “Inspection.”
  • Choose “Does my vehicle need to get inspected?” from drop-down menu
  • NOTE: It is best to search for both keyword terms “Greenlight Hubs” and “Inspection” to expand your Uber vehicle inspection options and locations

Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements Important Reminders

Uber Vehicle Requirements

Uber Driver Requirements

Uber Driver Document Requirements

Getting in Person Activation and Support

  • Click here for direct link or visit https://help.uber.com/partners (no need to sign in)
  • Be sure your city is indicated in the upper right corner (you should automatically be GEO located and directed to your city)
  • In the search bar type “Activation or Support”
  • Choose “Getting in-person activation and support help” or other help related topics

Ubers Driver Online Help Center & Knowledge Base Support

Click here for the complete guide to Ubers Help Center & Knowledge Base Support for new and current drivers

  • Guide to driving with Uber:
    • Going online
    • Receiving trip request
    • Navigating to rider
    • Pick up & drop off info
    • Airport Trips
  • Signing Up with Uber:
    • Understanding Uber
    • Requirements
    • Creating an account
    • Downloading the app
  • Account and Payment:
    • Troubleshoot sign-in and going online
    • Change account settings
    • Updating vehicle and documents
    • Improving ratings/acceptance rates
    • Getting Paid
    • Fares
    • Promotions & Referrals
    • Fees and charges
    • Tax information
    • Driving rewards and fuel cards
    • And much more

Contact Uber Driver Support

  • Click here for direct link to contact Uber via email (must be a current/active driver)
  • Fill in all the required information in the form fields:
    • Are you a rider, driver, or restaurant? (Required)
    • Summary of issue (Required)
    • Share additional details (Required)
    • Uber Account Email Address (required)
    • Click on “I’m not a robot” Captcha Box
  • Submit Inquiry

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How to Get a Missed Uber or UberEATS Driver Signup Bonus

Missed Uber/UberEATS Driver Retroactive Invite Code Bonus Instructions

Uber allows a grace period for new drivers to add a retroactive invite/referral/promo code to their partner account to qualify for new Uber driver signup bonus:

  • if a claim is filed within 15 days of being approved/activated 
  • the new driver has not exceeded his/hers required trips for their city according to Uber’s promotion terms and conditions
  • the new driver uses the invite/referral/promo code from a current/active Uber driver in good standing

NOTE: The 15 day grace period begins from the day of approval/activation, not the day of signup (ex. you signed up 3 months ago but was approved today, thus, your 15 days begins from when you’re approved/activated only)

Adding a retroactive Uber referral promo invite code for a missed Uber driver bonus is as easy as 123!

  1. Simply determine method #1 or #2 based on your current new driver status
    • Method 1: haven’t been approved/activated/no access to active Uber driver app
    • Method 2: approved or activated new driver
  2. Choose the correct Uber or UberEATS referral name, email, phone, and promo invite code information
  3. Submit to Uber support to have your Uber or UberEATS promo invite code added to your account for a missed new Uber driver signup bonus

NOTE: to qualify for a missed new Uber driver bonus you must submit all the information within 15 days of being approved and/or activated to drive

Method (1): Desktop/Browser (adding a Retroactive Uber driver Promo-Invite Code)

For new Uberx or UberEATS drivers who just signed up, and don’t have access to the Uber driver app simply follow the steps below if you missed your Uber-x or UberEATS driver sign-up bonus:

  • (1) Choose Uberx Drivers or UberEATS Drivers
  • (2) Copy or write down the Name, Phone, Email and Promo Invite Code as seen below
  • (3) Click on the following UBER EMAIL SUPPORT LINK, then SIGN IN TO GET HELP
  • (4) add all Uberx or UberEATS referral info in the “Support Form”
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    • Uber or UberEATS retro invite platform choice
    • First and Last Name
    • Your Uber or UberEATS email address

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Method (2): Uber Driver App (adding a Retroactive Uber Promo Invite Code)

For newly activated or approved Uber or UberEATS partners that have an active driver app just add the above Uber or UberEATS driver referrer name, phone, email, and promo invite code in your Uber driver app

To apply a Retroactive Uber Referral Invite Code in the Uber driver app for your Uberx or UberEATS missed sign-up bonus follow these instructions:

  1. Simply use the same “Referral” info above and
  2. Open your Uber driver app>
  3. Go to Accounts>Help>Accounts and Payment>Referrals>Invited Driver-Report my missing or incorrect driver referral>Message Us
  4. Add the above Uberx or UberEATS  referrer name, phone, email, invite code, shared details, and submit
  5. Text the following to 1-415-570-4773 to “confirm” you’ve been added as a referral:
    • Uber or UberEATS retro invite platform choice
    • First and last name
    • Your Uber or UberEATS email

NOTE: Uber makes no exceptions beyond the 15 days grace period to add a retroactive referral invite code to your account!

Need help or have questions?

You can “TEXT ONLY” your Retro Bonus questions to Mike Dean Gumora Uber Driver Expert here:


Can’t Find an Uber Vehicle Inspection Location Near You?

It’s very unlikely that you will encounter any challenges in locating an Uber car inspection station, Greenlight Hub or a 3rd party authorized partner vehicle inspection provider in your city. Uber does a great job of reaching out to new drivers via email or text to guide them to the nearest inspection facility within a reasonable geographical area.

Before you head out to get a vehicle inspection, be sure to cover the basic procedures:

  1. Remember not all cities require an Uber vehicle inspection
  2. First, check the official Uber car inspection website for requirements and locations
  3. Review all the Uber Vehicle Inspection requirements, and resources as described in the above sections of this article
  4. Check here to see if Uber vehicle inspections are required in your city
  5. Contact Uber if you’re not sure about inspection locations in your city

Uber Vehicle Inspection City – The Basics

Knowing what to expect prior to having your vehicle inspected can save you time, energy, and headaches. I highly recommend that you perform your own pre-inspection process based on the checklist provided to ensure your vehicle meets the necessary Uber inspection requirements. If you identify any potential repairs that may be needed to pre-qualify the checklist I suggest you address those repairs first prior to meeting with an Uber vehicle inspector specialist. Doing so may save you time and energy. Additionally, safety should always be your number one priority. And, the overall purpose of having your vehicle inspected should not be only because it is “required”, but rather to make sure you’ve done your part to ensure the safety of the general public, other motorists, your passengers, and of course yourself. Being a true professional driver begins when we put safety before profit!

City Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements & Checklist

Uber certified inspectors will first go through a step-by-step procedure beginning by checking the make, model and year of your vehicle to determine it meets your cites vehicle requirements. The inspectors will then perform (in most cities) the basic 19 point vehicle inspection process which consists of checking lights, brakes, steering, windows, seats, doors, tire depth, etc.  The 19 point vehicle inspection process is relatively quick and generally takes no more than 15-20 minutes. Be sure to first check to see if Uber vehicle inspections are required in your city
NOTE: Uber vehicle inspection requirements may vary by city or state and may require additional multi-inspection-points, slightly longer inspection times, and use of state-mandated inspection facilities.

Complete Uber Car Inspection Requirements Check List:

  • Lights:
    • Headlights
    • Tail lights
    • Turn indicator lights
    • Brake lights
  • Brakes and steering:
    • Brake pads/shoe thickness
    • Emergency/parking brake
    • Steering mechanism
  • Windows and other glass:
    • Windshield
    • Rear window and other glass
    • Windshield wipers
  • Seats and doors:
    • Front seat adjustment
    • Safety belts for driver and each passenger
    • Doors (open / close / lock)
  • Other items:
    • Horn
    • Speedometer
    • Bumpers
    • Muffler and exhaust system
    • Tires, including tread depth
    • Exterior & Interior Rear View Mirrors

Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements Important Reminder

Prior to having your car inspected, it is important and critical, to understand that Uber’s vehicle inspection requirement process is by no means a replacement for your auto manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule. Whether your vehicle is under your auto manufacturer maintenance warranty program or not, it is in your best interest to keep your vehicle in peak condition at all times. Regular preventive maintenance scheduling is probably the single most important thing you can do as a car owner to help keep your car in optimal performance condition while saving money on potential future repairs, and ensuring your vehicle is safe to operate on the road for you, and the general public. As an Uber or rideshare driver, you will be spending more time on the road than your average commuter which means your vehicle will subject to increased wear and tear and require more attention for upkeep and maintenance. I highly encourage you to follow your auto manufacturers maintenance guide to extend the life, integrity, and performance of your car. As the old saying goes “take care of your car and your car will take care of you!”

General Maintenance Procedures In Addition to Your Uber Car Inspection

Ubers vehicle inspection requirements should only be considered an addition, not a replacement, to your auto manufacturers suggested maintenance care and procedures. Many Uber or rideshare drivers may be under the illusion that simply having an Uber vehicle inspection will suffice for their vehicles overall maintenance needs. This mindset or belief is further from the truth. In fact, not practicing preventive maintenance on your vehicle will only shorten its lifespan, cause an increase long-term repair cost, and endanger the public. The following guide and resources will give you additional insight into what is required to get the most out of your vehicle:

  • First, be sure to read your auto manufacturers specific owner’s manual. Knowledge is power, and can save you tons of headaches and money!
  • Follow your vehicle manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule
  • Spend the time finding a trustworthy mechanic, researching and reviewing local auto repair/maintenance shops
  • Do your own inspection: You don’t need to be an auto mechanic genius to learn how to check the basic components of your vehicle to identify and troubleshoot issues, replace small parts or components, or even perform basic maintenance and minor repairs
  • Learn to check your fluids: antifreeze, power steering, coolant, brakes, and window fluids are just a few
  • Check your oil and get it changed regularly: perhaps the 2 most costly replacement car components are the engine and transmission. Changing the oil and maintaining levels for these two components can save you collectively well over $10,000 easily in repair and replacements cost!
  • Check your battery and clean the contacts-where is the worst place to have your car battery die? On the freeway! Been there, done that…never again!
  • Replace your windshield wipers when they begin to streak
  • Get your tires rotated and balanced, and your alignment checked
  • Inspect and replace timing, serpentine, drive belts and hoses
  • Replace your cabin air filter
  • Replace your engine air filter
  • Change your spark plugs
  • Check Tire Air Pressure
  • Wash and maintain a clean vehicle inside and out minimum 2 times monthly
  • Check the following for more information and resources on how-to-car-maintenance

My Personal Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Full Service Maintenance Record

In order to keep my new Toyota Prius in the best condition possible for as long as I own the vehicle, I made a conscious decision to adhere to my auto manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule. Even after my new car maintenance warranty had expired, I still took my Toyota Prius in for regular maintenance checks. I knew that investing in my car’s health over time I would be able to prevent more issues or problems from arising in the future saving me time, energy, headaches, and hard-earned Uber money. To give you an idea of what a regular maintenance schedule Multi-Point Inspection looks like and what is covered, I shared my personal service maintenance record report below:

My Personal Toyota Prius Multi-Point Inspection Record

As you can see even though I have an annual 19 point Uber vehicle inspection as required here in the state of California, I still take my car into Toyota for its regular scheduled manufacture maintenance check and Multi-Point Inspection (MPI):


City Uber Vehicle Inspection Form

This form is only applicable to cities that require a 19-point Uber vehicle inspection. To determine if this form is applicable to your city first check your cities vehicle requirements and/or if a vehicle inspection is required in your city, then follow the instructions below:

  1. First, check to see if you need to have an Uber Vehicle Inspection in your city
  2. Download the inspection form (if required or applicable to your city)
  3. Find an Uber car inspection center for your city here
  4. Have your vehicle inspected if applicable, and required in your city
  5. Be sure to have your inspection form signed completely, and dated by an authorized inspector if applicable (some cites may submit the inspection form electronically)
  6. Be sure to retain or keep a receipt as proof of purchase (Some cities may require a receipt of vehicle inspection in addition to the inspection form)
  7. Upload the completed form to the Uber partner dashboard
  8. Or upload via the Uber partner app:
    1. In Uber partner app Home screen click Account (bottom right) >Documents>Vehicle Inspection>Take photo of inspection form (with all 4 corners of document visible, not cropped)>Upload inspection form

Click Here or On Image to Download Uber Vehicle Inspection FormClick on Vehicle Inspection Form to Download Now

Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements Paint & Body Damage Disqualification

If you read the above Uber inspection form carefully, you will notice that body and paint “condition” is not listed or included on the inspection checklist. However, this does not mean the exterior condition of your vehicle won’t be overlooked, or that you will receive a “Pass” inspection report if any exterior damage or wear exists. Uber will not accept vehicles that have major body damage, or excessive paint wear and tear. It’s important to understand that Uber wants you and your vehicle to meet the highest standards possible as both represent the overall quality of service Uber brings to the passenger community. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule which Uber may overlook. Minor dents (smaller than a baseball or golfball), pings, scuffs, scratches, and blemishes should be fine. Anything beyond that may disqualify your car. However, I suggest you go through the Uber vehicle inspection process anyway. This way you know exactly what needs to be addressed or repaired in order to meet Uber’s inspection qualifications and prepare for a re-inspection.

Uber Car Inspection Requirements – Pass or Fail, the Final Lap!

You’ve made it this far, and now your entering into the final lap in your quest to qualify as an Uber driver. You’ve passed the vehicle requirements, the driver requirements, and even that dreaded background check, leaving only vehicle inspection to go with the checkered flag in plain sight. While most drivers will make it to the finish line and pass with flying colors, some will have to start the race over, and some will have to drop out the until the pit crew can get them back on track. However, you can improve your chances of coming in first by not focusing on how you finish, but rather how you begin. Before you head out to have your car inspection, thoroughly read and go through Uber’s car inspection form checklist, and do everything possible to ensure your vehicle will pass each item listed. If you see any obvious items on the list that need to be repaired, get them taken care of right away. The sooner you can address those issues, the faster you can get your vehicle inspected and on the road making that easy money.

Failing your Uber Vehicle Inspection

If for any reason your car does not pass the inspection process, simply correct all issues identified by the inspector(s), or those items not checked off as “Pass” on the inspection form,  and return to have the inspection performed again. Once you complete and pass the re-inspection process, upload your new inspection form to the Uber partner dashboard or via the Uber partner app. The inspection process covers only the most basic and fundamental roadworthiness of your vehicle. In the event your vehicle should fail the inspection process, it’s an indication your vehicle is not safe for the road, the public, passengers, and yourself.  At that point which you should consider investing money into bringing your car up to standard.

Passing your Uber Vehicle Inspection

Once you have passed the vehicle inspection,  Uber will activate your new partner account, direct you to download the partner app, provide you with the necessary official Uber trade dress signage/window decals, and airport permits if applicable and/or required for your city. Some cities may require a business license and other required documents as well. Click on the link to see the required document list for your city.

Uber Vehicle Rental Program-Hertz & Maven Gig (GM)

Your car didn’t meet Uber’s car requirements or didn’t pass Uber’s vehicle inspection? Don’t have your own vehicle, and looking for alternatives to drive for Uber?  Uber’s Vehicle Solutions Program offers rentals, partnerships, and special partner offers to help you get the car you need to start driving today. Uber has partnered with big names in the car rental and automotive industry Simply signup to drive with Uber using our exclusive new Uber driver promo link, choose the option “I need a car”, and Uber will handle the rest!

Uber Driver Hertz & Maven Gig Rental Program Terms & Eligibility

Uber Driver Hertz  & Maven Gig Rental Program Terms & Eligibility

The following are the general terms for Hertz and Maven Gig Uber car rental programs (terms may vary by provider)

  • Includes unlimited mileage, maintenance, and vehicle insurance coverage
  • No additional insurance required
  • Cost ranges from $180-$229 Depending on vehicle type, not including tax & applicable fees
  • No credit check if you pay deposit with credit card
  • Sign up to drive Uber for more details
  • Uber Car rental program may be available in select cities

Uber Car Rental Eligibility:

  • At least 25 years or older (21 with Maven Gig)
  • Be approved to drive with Uber
  • Have a valid credit card or debit card and driver’s license
  • Provide deposit of estimated rental charges plus $200 via credit card or debit card
  • No credit check if you pay deposit with credit card
  • Sign up to drive Uber for more details

Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements Q & A

Q: Do new cars still require an Uber vehicle inspection?
A: Yes and No. Uber’s vehicle inspections are based on regulation requirements mandated by city, state, local, and/or regulatory entities where applicable. The inspection regulation exception applies only if your city, state or governing municipalities/entities do not include vehicle inspections within the current Rideshare, TNC, or rideshare driver/operator regulatory framework. In the event vehicle inspections are required, even if your vehicle just rolled off the assembly line, you are still required by your city, state, regulatory law to perform and complete the inspection process
Q: Do I need an Uber Car Inspection if I have regular car maintenance from my dealer?
A: Yes. In cities or states where rideshare vehicle inspection is mandatory or required, every driver’s vehicle must undergo a vehicle inspection in addition to any ongoing car maintenance performed by your dealer 
Q: Do I still need my car inspected if I have a multi-point maintenance report from my dealer/auto shop?
A: Yes. In cities where vehicle inspection is required, Uber and/or any Rideshare or TNC’s (Technology Network Company) will not except your auto manufacturers, or 3rd party mechanics maintenance inspection form, documents or reports. Thus, you must still have your vehicle inspected to complete the vetting process in order to become an Uber driver
Q: Are Uber Car Inspections required in every city?
A: No. There are many cities and/or states that don’t require vehicle inspection based on established and mandated regulations, however, most cities and/or states do require Rideshare companies/TNC’s and drivers to have their vehicle inspected
Q: I will have an Uber car rental. Does it need to be inspected?
A: No. All rental vehicles are pre-inspected by Ubers car rental partners Hertz, Maven, or other rental partners when applicable
Q: Whats the cost for an Uber vehicle inspection?
A: Uber provides FREE vehicle inspection in most cities/markets at their Greenlight Hub locations or partnered auto service providers. All other cities will vary with an average price range of $20-$30 per inspection
Q: Can I start to drive after I pass my Uber vehicle inspection?
A: Yes. Vehicle Inspection is the final phase of the vetting process. Once complete You can download the Uber partner app, and Uber will activate your account enabling you to start driving immediately
Q: My car has lots of miles on it. Will I still pass my inspection?
A: According to the overall vehicle requirements listed for multiple city/states Uber does not consider mileage as a factor in determining if your car is roadworthy, however, this may vary depending on city/state regulations. REFER TO YOUR CITIES UBER VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS HERE 
Q: What is a Vehicle Inspection Receipt?
A: In addition to uploading and/or submitting  your vehicle requirement signed and completed and form, Uber may request that you include proof of purchase or inspection service completion in the form of an official receipt that shows the auto service shop/providers company name and address. However, in the majority of cities and states in the U.S., Uber only requires the completed and signed inspection form
Q: I have a 2 door vehicle or a pickup truck. Will be vehicle pass inspection?
A: No: The “minimum” vehicle requirements are:  4 doors, 5 passengers (including driver), 15 years old or newer, cannot be salvaged, reconstructed, or rebuilt, non-rental vehicle (except through Ubers rental program), extensive cosmetic damage, missing pieces, commercial branding or taxi paint jobs
Q: What are the vehicle requirements for my city?
A: You can find your cities or states vehicle requirements here

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