The Ultimate Uber Driver Resource & City Guide

Uber Driver Ultimate Resource Guide


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The road ahead as an Uber driver can often be daunting and confusing but you don’t have to travel it alone. has created the “The Ultimate Uber Driver Resource & City Guide” that will help direct and navigate you efficiently thought your journey while avoiding any obstacles and potholes giving you the smoothest ride in your journey on the road to earning income ahead. navigate and direct you to everything you need to the  . is your Ubers official city website for drivers is one of the most valuable resources for drivers to date and full of valuable information that will help drivers navigate their cities reserves

Get all the information you need before you start driving and delivering with Uber to help maximise your income:

Uber Local Driver Guide & City Website Resource for Drivers

Perhaps one of the most important resources for drivers is where you will discover the “Local Driver Guide” for your city. The information and resources you’ll find in your cities specific “Local Driver Guide” is invaluable and essential to what you need to know to as an Uber driver in your city. No two cities or states information are alike as regulations, fare rates, resources, requirements and other important information and data may differ from city to city. This also includes your cities Vehicle Requirements (vehicle minimum age and platform options), Vehicle Inspections Requirements (inspection locations and forms), Where to Drive (hotspots, high demand times and days, best areas to drive), and even Uber driver live in person support locations know as Greenlight Hubs where drivers can meet with a live Uber expert customer service representative in their city.

The website uses Geolocation technology and a search feature that will auto-identify your IP location or allow you to search for your cities specific “Local Driver Guide” URL. For example, if you’re an Uber driver in “San Francisco” and visit you can search for your city of San Francisco or be auto geolocated to that cities specific website URL “” by following several navigational steps as described below.

Uber driver resource website

How to find your city Local Driver Guide:

Uber Local Driver Guide via Mobile

  1. Visit: (Enable “Location Services” in mobile settings)
  2. Click on menu upper right corner
  3. Scroll down and click “Local Driver Guide
  4. Scroll down page and “Select a Topic
    • Vehicle Requirements
    • Vehicle Inspections
    • Where to Drive
    • Local Resources
    • Contact Uber

Uber Local Driver Guide via Desktop

  1. Visit:
  2. Hover over the “Drive” tab (upper left)
  3. Choose sub-navigation menu item “Local Driver Guide”
  4. Scroll down page and “Select a Topic
    • Vehicle Requirements
    • Vehicle Inspections
    • Where to Drive
    • Local Resources
    • Contact Uber

Use Location Search to find your Cities Uber “Local Driver Guide”

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on geolocation pin top right of page
  3. Enter your city into search box and choose correct city from drop-down selections
  4. Click menu upper right and navigate to “Local Driver Guide” (desktop) or “Drive>Local Driver Guide” (mobile)

Uber Driver Local Driver Guide City Search

New! Get the direct link to your cites “Local Driver Guide.”

We’ve compiled and data based the complete list of all 300+ Uber cities with direct links to your cites “Local Driver Guide” and other resource pages (s) for your city. Simply visit the section below and open the “Find your Cities Local Driver Guide” tab, locate your city, and click on your city direct link to find your “Local Driver Guide”

Find your Cities Local Driver Guide

All U.S. City Uber Local Driver Guide Website’s for Drivers

Note: some city links may not have your cities name in the “Local Driver Guide” or website link URL but will include coverage and information; regulations, vehicle requirements and inspection, Uber driver support locations, and more for your specific city. Ex. “Local Driver Guide” will still include all relevant information pertaining to “San Jose”, “Berekely“, “Alameda”, “Oakland” etc.

Choose Your City Uber Local Driver Guide

Note: Some “Topics” may not be currently available in all cities as Uber continues to develop and update the resources, information, and data for your city 

Local Driver Guide

Local Driver Guide:

The following is an overview of your cites Uber “Local Driver Guide.” For specific information on your city please visit by following the above instructions

Vehicle Requirements

See Local Driver Guide for your cities specific vehicle requirements, popular and eligible vehicle models

  • Model year: Must be maximum 12-15 years old or less from current year depending on city
  • 4-door car, SUV or minivan (4-door, 5-seater pick-up trucks allowed)
  • Good condition, no cosmetic damage
  • No commercial branding or signage
  • Pass a vehicle inspection
-Additional Driver Requirements
-Vehicle Options in your City

See city Local Driver Guide for available platform options, eligible and popular vehicle models for your city

  • UberX:  4 passengers, 4 door sedan. UberX is the most popular option for drivers and riders.
  • UberXL:  6 passengers. UberXL is typically an SUV or minivan. XL fares are higher than UberX.
  • UberSelect: 4 passenger Luxury vehicles such as ex. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc. with leather interiors and mostly newer model vehicles. UberSelect fares are higher than UberXL.
  • UberSUV: 6 passenger premium luxury SUV’s. Commercially registered and insured SUV’s provides limo type services. UberBlack and Uber SUV have the highest fare’s on the platforms.
  • UberBlack: 4 passenger is the premium luxury black car limo like service. These are commercially registered and insured.

Uber will accept both official and temporary registration documents. Registration does not have to be in your name to qualify but the driver must be insured under the same vehicle.


All Uber driver partners must maintain their own insurance policy according to state and local laws. Uber also provides an overlapping 3-period/tier commercial insurance policy which includes a $1 million per incident coverage for all US partners. See Insurance for more details.

Uber commercial insurance for rideshare drivers

-Uber Placards/Trade dress

Most city regulations require Uber driver partners to display a trade dress in the front and/or rear windshield of their vehicle while online. You can order your Uber decal here or get in-person support and pick up your trade dress at an Uber Greenlight Hub driver support location if available in your city

-Airport Permits

Most airports require TNC (Technology Network Company) drivers to obtain and display an airport permits on the front windshield of their vehicle at all times while picking up and dropping off passengers on airport grounds. Uber will general inform new drivers of airport requirements and how to receive the necessary permits if applicable in your city. To find out more about your cities airport permits, regulations, and requirements see the “Where to Drive” section under your “Local Driver Guide.”

Vehicle Inspections*

  • Uber Vehicle Inspection (See your cities “Local Driver Guide” to determine if vehicle inspection is required in your city including inspection locations and/or you can check here)
  • *UberEATS vehicles Do Not Require Inspection in any U.S. city

Where to Drive

If anyone knows where the money’s at its Uber. Uber collects tons of data on the busiest places to drive in your city to help you be the most efficient and effective driver so you can earn the most money while reducing downtime. See your cities “Local Drivers Guide>Where to Drive” for the best places, times and days to drive

  • Hotspots
    • Daytime Locations
    • Late-night Locations
    • Weekend Locations
  • Peak times to drive
    • Weekday
    • Weekend
  • Airport information
    • Pickups, drop-offs information
    • Staging areas or waiting lots for drivers
    • Regulations/Requirements
  • Popular venues
  • Sports venues
  • Hotel information
  • Popular places

Local Resources

Driving in your city can be a challenge but Uber has put together tips and resources to help you get the most out of your driving experience

  • Weekly events
  • City information
  • Star ratings
  • Earning offers
  • Quality improvement courses
  • Uber delivery
  • Stride Health services
  • Partner incentives

Contact Uber

Have questions? Ubers got the answers with in-person support in your cities local Uber Greenlight location. While Uber strives to expand in-person live customer support in every corner in the U.S. they still may not be available in your city. However, you can still contact Uber with their new 24/7/365 Uber driver support hotline number directly found in the partner app or search for support related questions via the Uber driver help knowledge base.

Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Location



An informed driver is a smart driver The “Resource Guides” for Uber driver is a great source of information  located on the “Resource” category page and  found on under the section for Uber driver partners is loaded with Get all the information you need to start driving and delivering with Uber.provides a plethora of information about almost anything in getting started as an Uber driver partner. Whether its ratings, how tips works, perparing for our fiest trip, or how earnings work, you’ll find all that stuff right here and more on the’s “Resource” page for drivers.

Guides for Partners:

How the Uber Driver App Works

Get to know the driver app and its features that support you 24/7/365 while you’re on the road making cash:

Preparing for Your First Uber Trip

Read these tips from your fellow driver-partners on getting ready for your first trip.

Preparing your vehicle using the following recommended items will ensure optimal driver safety and rider experience

How Uber Driver Earnings Work

How Weekly Promotions Work for Uber Drivers

How Tipping Works for Uber Drivers

How Uber Driver Sign up Bonuses and Referrals Work

How Ratings Work for Uber Drivers

Driving with UberPool

UberEATS Delivery Driver/partner Guide

Delivery tips:
UbereEATS Delivery Q & A:
Additional UberEATS resources

Uber Driver Guide to Taxes

The Uber partner’s tax guide:
Additional Uber driver tax resources:

Serving People With Disabilities

Top ways you can help
Breakdown the WALL
Communicating with riders
Serving people with different disabilities (videos)



Driver Requirements

vehicle Solutions

Vehicle Solutions

Uber’s Vehicle Solutions Program



Deliver with Uber

Delivery requirements*

*Delivery varies by city.

Deliver in your City

For specific information about UberEATS delivery in your city go to:

  2. Scroll down to “Local information” (Deliver in your city>GET THE DETAILS)
  3. Click on “Get the Details”
  • Tips for delivering with Uber (video)
  • Hot places and times to deliver
    • Busiest areas
    • Busiest times
    • Delivery areas
  • Pro Tips
    • Instant pay
    • Understanding incentives and promotions
    • Save gas
    • Cyclists welcome
  • How fares are calculated
    • Pick up the order
    • drive to a destination
    • Drop off the order

Requirements to Deliver in your City

  • Requirements for drivers
  • Requirements for cyclist



App on

Request Accepted

  • On you’re way to pick up a rider
    • Third party liability coverage
    • Uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage
    • Contingent collision and comprehensive coverage

On Trip

  • While a rider is in your car
    • Third party liability coverage
    • Uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage
    • Contingent collision and comprehensive coverage


Uber Driver Rideshare Insurance



 New Safety Features

Before the Trip

On the Trip

After the Trip

Safety Never Sleeps

Driver Safety Tips

Driver App

Driver App

Putting Driver First






Driving has its Perks

Insurance and Financial

Courtesy of

Uber Driver Help & Support Knowledge Base

Ubers help and support knowledge base website ( is a comprehensive city specific Q & A database designed to support the driver community, answer a variety of questions, and provide in-depth knowledge on just about any Uber driver related subject, question or topic. The information found in the knowledge base is extremely invaluable and highly recommended for every driver who wants to improve his or her understanding of the Uber platform while enhancing the driver/rider experience.

Uber Help Support Website for Drivers

Account and Payment

Account and Payment

I can’t sign in or go online

Changing account settings

Updating vehicles and documents

Improving ratings and acceptance rates

Delivery ratings, acceptance rates, and cancellation rates

Getting Paid


Delivery fares & payment



Fees and Charges

Managing drivers and fleet partners


Driving Rewards

Fuel Cards

Delivering with UberEATS
Search Ubers Help & Support Knowledge Data Base

Search Ubers Help & Support Knowledge Data Base

Search for Support

  • Search for Uber driver help information on different topics by entering the help related keyword or key terms by visiting:
  • When entering a help related keyword or key term a drop-down list will appear offering you several keyword-related topics and/or guides
  • ex. “vehicle inspection” (Does my vehicle need to get inspected?), “rider” (rider made a mess in my vehicle), “earnings” (where can I see my trip earnings?)

ber Driver Ultimate Resource Support and Help Guide

Facebook Community Groups for Uber and Rideshare Driver

Uber Rideshare Driver Facebook Group

bla bal bal

Benefits of joining an Uber driver facebook group community:

Uber Driver in-App Notification Center

  • Displays the days total hours, trips, and earnings
  • Current Promotions: Boost daily promotion schedule, fare multiplier, start and end time
  • New app features, platform changes, and general driver related information notifications
  • New 5 star comment notifications
  • Schedule in-app reminders for upcoming events
  • Local events announcements
  • Greenlight Hubs location schedule, closure, time changes and updates
  • Uber Newsroom news and general public announcements
  • In-app Uber support message notifications
  • Invite status, referral bonus notifications, and new invite

Uber Driver in-App Help Guide

Uber Blog

Uber Newsroom

Uber Support Contact Resources


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